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Movements for Abs & Back Exercise DVD

Movements for Abs & Back Exercise DVD

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Most exercise programs focus on moves that are front to back, in the Movements for Abs & Back exercise DVD, you’ll feel how moving the body in all 6 natural directions helps strengthen the core.

  • Strengthen the abs and back by moving the body in all 6 natural directions.
  • In the pool, use simple standing, sitting and floating exercises for better flexibility and strength.
  • Bonus land workout uses simple step and reach exercises to improve core strength and balance.
  • Use of multiple cameras expertly showcases how to perform the moves.
  • Recommend Nekdoodle®, noodle or other hand held buoyancy for water workout.
  • Two workouts:  Integrated Core (water 30 minutes) & Total Body Integration (land 8 minutes)

Most exercise programs focus on movement front to back – this is incomplete. WECOACH connects the total body by moving in all 6 natural directions with music to build stronger connections. Created by industry expert Laurie Denomme for injury prevention, pain elimination and simply to help you feel and move better!

No crunches necessary! This DVD shows how to do safe and very effective balanced core exercises without the dreaded "crunches" that so many people feel are necessary. These exercises use the multi-directional resistance of the water to great effect. Most of them are shown with a piece of buoyant equipment called the Nekdoodle®, but with a little imagination, you can make a small kickboard and/or foam noodle serve the purpose. Great stuff! – Amazon Customer

Simple. Proven. Effective. Join the movement!

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