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Noodle Abdominals Audio Water Workout: DOWNLOAD

Noodle Abdominals Audio Water Workout: DOWNLOAD

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Shallow water aerobic exercise. This 15-minute workout uses the buoyancy and resistance of water to improve core stability. Ideal for training in your backyard pool or for groups that do not have the benefit of a live instructor.

  • WECOACH 6 directional movements deliver better and faster results
  • Water exercises: Planks, Push-Ups, Side-lying Skis strengthen the abs and back
  • Equipment assisted changes from standing to floating challenges the core
  • Laurie’s easy to follow and cheerful instruction inspires you to work to your potential
  • High energy music helps guide your movement speed for better results
  • Buoyancy equipment required such as a noodle or Nekdoodle®
  • Pair with HIIT Aquatic Cardio, Total Body Mobility or Water Exercise for Knees & Hips for a longer workout

Level:  Beginner to Intermediate (noodle required)

This is a downloadable digital workout.  Also available on Audio CD.

Audio Workout Aqua Noodle Abdominals


Excellent audio quality!  Exercise instruction and the music crystal clear.  The workout flow, including the bonus section flowed very well at challenging intensity. - John G. Florida

WECOACH audio workouts are the best on the market! Laurie's instructions are clear, precise and most of all a fun and energetic workout for all! - Bonnie Rowley, Florida

Listen to Noodle Abdominals AUDIO PREVIEW

Buyer Instructions

Your purchase includes a one-time download.  Once downloaded you will be able to use it across all of your portable devices (computer, phone, ipod, mp3 player).  

Get your workout in 2 simple steps:

  1. After completing your purchase you will be automatically directed to a page in your web browser displaying your order number and receipt.  You will also receive an email.  Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button from either location.
  2. Transfer the file to your desktop or directly into your itunes account.  Synch your computer with your portable device and you are ready to go!

Tips for download and access:   

  • Download.  Step one must be done on a computer.  Downloading directly to a portable device will create a temporary download, but will not provide continued access.
  • Access.  Depending on your computer settings, your digital workout may open directly on your desktop or move into your downloads folder.  If your workout does not open on your desktop or in your itunes account check the downloads folder.  
  • Trouble finding your downloads folder?  Click the search bar.  This is the ‘magnifying glass’ found in the top right corner of your computer screen.  Type the word “download”.  This should lead you to your downloads folder.  If that doesn’t work, try searching for workout that you purchased (total body mobility, knees and hips, HIIT aquatic cardio or noodle abdominals).

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