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Upper Body Intervals 50-minute workout (AUDIO CD)

Upper Body Intervals 50-minute workout (AUDIO CD)

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This CD includes one functional training workout: Upper Body Intervals, a 50-minute shallow water workout using distinctive arm patterns for total body results. This workout will help you stand taller, get strong in your core, and improve upper body strength. 

  • UPPER BODY INTERVALS AUDIO FOR STRONG CORE: This pool workout instructional training audio CD contains Upper Body Intervals, which use distinctive arm exercises to target the entire body. With this workout, you'll improve upper body strength, stand taller, and improve core strength. Having a strong core is beneficial because it allows you to function properly as it encompasses your legs, hips, back, and chest. Your core stabilizes your body, allowing you to move in any direction, have proper balance
  • ADDING A GYM TO YOUR BACKYARD POOL: This audio CD will provide a water aerobics gym right in your backyard pool, it frees you from all the hassles in a gym. You can vary your workout routines any way you feel necessary to meet your goals with a home gym because you are making fitness choices based on your needs. It is not a DVD.
  • A 50-MINUTE SHALLOW WATER WORKOUT: Take advantage of a pool noodle in this 50-minute water aerobics lesson to work out every muscle in your upper body and arms. You can do full-body exercises such as jogging, skiing, and jumping jacks to keep your heart rate up and increase the strength of your core. You are motivated to work your best when you receive easy-to-follow exercise instructions and cheerful encouragement. Provided easy, effortless access to everyday activities.
  • PROFESSIONAL LAURIE DENOMME’S SIGNATURE 6-7 MOVEMENT: With the help of pool noodle, you can strengthen your upper body and core. Moving in six directions, using 7-foot positions, and feeling your way toward better results is all you need to do to strengthen the core for improved balance, improved posture, reduced lower back pain, and improved physical activity. Which includes Ski, Flutter Kick, Twist n Tuck, Run, Jumping Jack, Side Kick, Sit Kicks, Bicycle, etc.
  • WECOACH IS HERE FOR YOU: Physical activity is very important for the health of your body, mind and soul. If you want to exercise without putting too much pressure on your joints,then WECOACH's water aerobics is the best fitness program for you. You can bring WECOACH into your own home pool. Pool exercises aren’t just for seniors, this is a water workout that is beneficial for anyone!

 Make everyday activities easy and effortless with: Upper Body Intervals.

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