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Deep-Water: Cardio HIIT Circuit (AUDIO CD) 50-minute workout (AUDIO CD)

Deep-Water: Cardio HIIT Circuit (AUDIO CD) 50-minute workout (AUDIO CD)

$ 32.95

This CD includes one cardio focused workout: Deep-Water: Cardio HIIT Circuit, a 50-minute workout suspended in deep-water that uses the full intensity spectrum to burn more calories.

  • Six unique circuits with exercises: run, tuck, kick, and jumping jacks.
  • Each set includes a high intensity interval for a cardio boost.
  • Upright, side lying, and forward lean changes to body position target the core.
  • Easy to follow and cheerful instruction motivates you to work to your potential.

Keep moving in this full-body circuit. Muscle conditioning and HIIT cardio combinations rotate exercises one after another with minimal rest to build your strength and stamina.

Original reggae music helps clear and relax the mind while energizing the body to move for a unique exercise experience.

 Equipment: Floatation belt. Aqua gloves recommended.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced


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