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Blue Rhythm Music CD

Blue Rhythm Music CD

$ 14.95

When it comes to music, don’t just settle for background noise. Use exercises and sound that are natural to the body. Blue Rhythm helps the body tune-in and build stronger mind-body connections. 

The music of Blue Rhythm has a tropical island feel. It helps clear and relax the mind while energizing the body to move with the percussive melodies. The seamless transitions between songs results in a continuous feeling of relaxed calm and sense of an invigorating workout.  30 minutes – 128 BPM

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The effects of sound reach the mind at an unconscious level. They're subtle, but if you pay attention you'll become more aware.  It’s like tuning your mental radio into the healing frequency. The longer you’re plugged in, the more you gain. When you combine that with the exercise, the results multiply exponentially." – Jamie Mahn, composer of Blue Rhythm

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