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FULL WEEKEND April 7 and 8-Minnetonka Minnesota

FULL WEEKEND April 7 and 8-Minnetonka Minnesota

$ 219.00 $ 259.00

Saturday April 7

9:00am-4:00pm –BioExercise™
$99 Early Bird AEA Member        $119 after March 10

CECs: AEA/AF 6.0, ACE 0.6, ATRI 6.0

BioExercise™ is an innovative new program that is grounded in science, exploding with ways to move the body, and engages all the senses. Combine activities for the body and mind to improve total body functionality, while learning to define and track outcomes to personalize results. Learn key strategies that incorporate brain boosters with purposeful movement to fast-track results. The comprehensive approach makes BioExercise™ especially beneficial for people over 50, while the flexibility of the program makes it easy to apply to existing formats you may already teach. Strengthen the body. Sharpen the mind. Do BioExercise™!


Sunday April 8

8:00am-12:00pm – HIYO: Fantastic Four Intervals & Strength is Balance

$75 Early Bird AEA Member    $85 after March 10                                   

CECs: AEA/AF 4.0, ACE 0.4, ATRI 4.0

HIYO: Fantastic Four Intervals Challenge your fit participants with a new twist on four proven High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) techniques.  Tabata, Fartlek, Little Method, and Turbulence Training paired with functional movements make for the perfect mix of HI (high intensity) and YO (yoga-based recovery).  Walk away with four new group exercise formats that are easy to implement and guaranteed to challenge!

Strength is Balance A fat-burning functional fitness workout that focuses on the health and fitness needs of the body as it ages. Six interval sets translate movements you do everyday into exercises for the pool, helping you to move better in any direction life takes. Short cardio intervals boost heart health, melt more calories, and fast-track results.


1:00pm-3:00pm – Hip Senior Exercises in More Directions

$45 Early Bird AEA Member     $55 after March 10

CECs: AEA/AF 2.0, ACE 0.2, ATRI 2.0

Sore back, knee or shoulder pain? Experience 6 directional, hip focused exercises and feel how subtle changes to height, angle and distance help other body areas. Perfect for people with arthritis or any level workout. Return home with an extended library of hip exercises having whole body results.


Laurie Denomme

Laurie Denomme, Kinesiologist and Fellow of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute, is an international fitness educator and founder of WECOACH.

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