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HI-YO Intervals Exercise DVD

HI-YO Intervals Exercise DVD

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Did you know aquatic interval training burns up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes? Join Laurie Denomme and Lori Sherlock for one of their signature HI-YO workouts. High intensity bursts (HI) + Yoga based stretches (YO) = a heart-pumping, one-of-a-kind workout!

HI-YO is a highly adaptable, research-based aquatic exercise program appropriate for beginners, yet challenging for the most seasoned of water exercisers. In HI-YO Intervals water exercise DVD, you will:

  • Burn massive calories in this cardio focused interval workout.
  • Improve all aspects of fitness with less joint stress.
  • Experience the ‘after-burn’ effect – increased calorie burning after the workout!
  • No equipment required in this 30-minute shallow water workout.
  • Intensify water workout using aqua mitts.


Most exercise programs focus on movement front to back – this is incomplete. WECOACH connects the total body by moving in all 6 natural directions with music to build stronger connections. Created by industry expert Laurie Denomme for injury prevention, pain elimination and simply to help you feel and move better!

This is a very effective interval workout in the water, and you can adjust the intensity for your own fitness level. We now know this is the most effective way to exercise, and this workout has clear instruction, that is safe, challenging and fun! – Anne P. Burnell, Chicago

Simple. Proven. Effective. Join the movement!

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