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2 Water Workouts: Mobility and Knees & Hips (AUDIO CD)

2 Water Workouts: Mobility and Knees & Hips (AUDIO CD)

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Two shallow water workouts help improve mobility and strength with less joint stress. Ideal for training in your backyard pool or for groups that do not have the benefit of a live instructor.

  • WECOACH 6 directional movements deliver better and faster results
  • Laurie’s easy to follow and cheerful instruction inspires you to work to your potential
  • Music helps guide your movement speed to improve flexibility and strength
  • Intensify your workout by using aquamitts
  • One CD makes it easy to do a single workout or do both for a longer workout

Workout #1 – Total Body Mobility (30-minutes)

  • A new twist on Jogging, Squats and Jumping Jacks for better and faster results
  • 7 foot positions open the hips and engage the core

Workout #2 – Water Exercises for Knees & Hips (30-minutes)

  • 6 exercises for strength: Jog, Squat, Rocking Horse, Single Leg Balance, Jumping Jacks and Skis
  • 7 foot positions to improve flexibility and strength of the ankles, knees and hips

Level:  Beginner (no equipment required)

This is an Audio CD workout.  Also available as a digital download.

The total body mobility workout is GREAT – really helps loosen my hips. I use WECOACH audio workouts as my personal trainer. I LOVE IT! - Ana McRoberts, Virginia

I was most interested in getting my lower body rehabilitated after hip and knee surgery, but I am thrilled with the upper body changes I am also making!  Thank you so much. - Laura B.,  California

Listen to Total Body Mobility AUDIO PREVIEW


Listen to Water Exercise for Knees & Hips AUDIO PREVIEW

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